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Welcome to my portfolio site!

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I am a creative with many areas of expertise and years of knowledge. My areas of expertise and interests range from graphic design, typography, branding, print production, content development, photo/video production, directing, and consulting for B2B and consumer marketing.


I began my career like most young graphic designers working freelance; doing anything I could to connect the dots which will make up the path that will lead me to my lifelong career. I have worked my way from the bottom to the top twice.


Along my path I have worked for newspapers, printers, design houses, and eventually into advertising agencies. Throughout the past 3 decades I have learned some real-life lessons; like how to collaborate as a team, how to work alone, how to manage difficult customers, how to cherish great customers, and how to push myself outside boundaries I didn’t know existed. I have picked-up different skillsets all along this path, many of which I never intended to learn, some of which I realized I am really good at, while others may not be my favorite. Nonetheless, I made it a point to learn whatever I could to make myself more valuable and turn these skills into my passion…and I love it!


What I have discovered along my path is I can be a follower, or I can be a leader. But I can only be a follower if I have a good leader. It is my nature to take control, and to make independent decisions when necessary. I’m a person that can multitask without freaking out. I can delegate when necessary or do the work myself. I have a “can-do” attitude or at least I’ll do my best trying!


Lastly, I am looking for an opportunity to add another dot to my path. But I am looking for the “right” opportunity, not just a job. This journey could take me into another area I have never expected and I’m open for discovering that.

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